With so many different products on offer, choosing a lawn fertiliser can be a little daunting. Never fear! Check out our easy guide to helping you choose the best lawn fertiliser for your garden.


Important note: Always check the package to ensure each fertiliser is suitable for your specific variety of turf. Some turf types are more sensitive and using the wrong fertiliser could burn them.


Slow-release lawn fertiliser

Slow-release fertiliser takes the set-and-forget approach, giving your lawn a steady supply of slowly-released nutrients, while also working on thickening and root development. The granules or ‘prills’ are designed to be easily spread by hand or with a spreader, and while results may not be as fast as liquid fertiliser, they do last longer. We recommend the Scotts Lawn Builder range or Dynamic Lifter Organic Lawn Food.


Lawn greening fertiliser

If you want to achieve a picture-perfect lawn, a slow-release fertiliser focused on greening, such as Scotts Lawn Builder Extreme Green, is your best bet.  The secret is in the higher concentration of soluble nitrogen, for rapid greening in as little as three days - ideal for achieving lawn perfection ahead of a special occasion, while still providing the sustained feed you get from a slow-release formula.


A fertiliser spreader is ideal for use with slow-release formulas.


Multi-purpose lawn fertiliser

If you want to feed your lawn, get it looking green and tackle common lawn pests, a multi-purpose lawn fertiliser is the way to go. This combination of fertiliser and weed killer or insecticide comes in slow-release or liquid form, with the latter providing faster results. We recommend Scotts Lawn Builder Weed, Feed & Green-Up 3 in 1, Amgrow Professor Mac 3 in 1 or Scotts Lawn Builder Grub & Insect.


Lawn launching fertiliser

Packed to the brim with specially-formulated essential nutrients for strong root establishment, launcher fertiliser is designed to give your freshly-laid lawn the best start. We recommend Lawn Solutions Australia Lawn Launcher. A great investment in your new lawn, launcher fertiliser should only be applied underneath the turf before it is laid - never on top.


Liquid lawn fertiliser

For a lush lawn pronto, liquid fertiliser is a great option. Your lawn quickly absorbs the fertiliser, which goes to work immediately. Most liquid fertilisers come in easy-to-use, hose-on bottles - just connect to your hose and away you go. A great example is Seasol for Lush Green Lawns, which combines the fast feeding of a liquid fertiliser with the health benefits of a seaweed tonic.