Have a big garden project in mind? We have a huge range of soil mix, sand, construction material, pebble and mulch available to purchase in bulk for competitive prices. Drive-through* our landscape area any day of the week to load up your truck or trailer or contact your local store to organise delivery.

Bulk landscape products

Soil mixes

Did you know? Garden mix like ours is a recycled product from your home green waste bin. Unfortunately, many glass and plastic containers are wrongly put in green bins.

Our garden and planter box mixes, compost and lawn top dressing are compliant with Australian Standards but to be on the safe side we recommend wearing gloves with these products as small glass and plastic particles can be found amongst the mix.

Why aren't these particles removed already? Large recycled pieces are removed through a sifting process but smaller particles can't be because finer sifting impacts the quality of the product. Bigger particles improve drainage which we know is essential for healthy plants!

Organic Garden Mix

Discover a quality blend of composted organics, sand and soil perfect for general landscaping and planting. You can use this organic garden mix as a direct planting medium for most plants or as a soil conditioner to boost soil condition.
Organic Rich Earth Compost

If your soil needs an added boost or you need soil conditioner in bulk, this nutrient-rich blend of composted organics is a great option.
Organic Top Dress

This multi-functional, premium grade of finely blended composted organics and sand can be used as top dress for established and new lawns and as an underlay when laying a new lawn.
Premium Garden Mix

You’ll love this quality blend of composted organics, soil, coarse sand, ash and coco peat. Full of goodness, it’s great for all types of planting in your garden, especially pH sensitive plants such as natives, camellias and azaleas.


Blue Metal 7-10mm
Use to increase drainage or in  concreting.
Blue Metal 14mm
Use to increase drainage or in  concreting.
Granite Gold Decoration
Create decorative footpaths and driveways.
Metal Dust
This versatile dust is clean, easy to spread and compacts well, making it great for creating a smooth, solid base. Use beneath water tanks, artificial lawns, paving, footpaths and driveways.
Recycled Concrete Aggregate 20mm
Used concrete, brick and masonry are flipped into recycled concrete aggregate, making this a sustainable and cost effective option. Great for use in concrete, drainage, paths and driveways.
Recycled Roadbase DGB20 (RMS 3051)
As a material that compacts well, recycled road base provides a stable layer of support for paving, driveways, footpaths, concreting and decorative pebbles.
Sydney Sand
Also known as Newcastle sand.
Suitable for children's sand pits and tiling.
Washed River Sand
This screened, soft and fine sand is ideal for creating a level surface on which to lay pavers and can be used as lawn dressing and for drainage and concreting.
White Brick Sand
Also known as white brickies sand, this soft, fine sand lets you achieve a great range of colours when mixed with cements and oxides. Perfect for brick laying, rendering, landscaping and as bedding under pool and pond liners.
Yellow Brick Sand
This soft, fine sand is ideal for brick laying, rendering, landscaping and as bedding under pool liners. Yellow brick sand can be mixed with cement for a gold finish.


Cowra Gold Pebble 20mm Cowra-gold
Cowra White Pebble 20mm Cowra-white
River Pebble 20mm River-pebble-20mm
River Pebble 40mm River-pebble-40mm
River Pebble 75-100mm River-pebble-75-100mm
Cox River Pebble 80mm Cox-river-pebble-80mm
Riverina Red Pebble 14mm Riverina-Red-Pebble2
Saratoga Gold Pebble 8-14mm Saratoga-gold
Saratoga White Pebble 8-14mm Saratoga-white-pebble-8-14mm


Cypress Mulch
Decorative and naturally termite resistant.
Retains moisture and suppresses weeds.
Leaf Mulch
Coarse, freshly chopped leaves, branches and stems.
Pine Bark Chunky
Decorative, helps retains moisture and suppresses weeds.
Pine Bark Fine
Decorative, helps retains moisture and suppresses weeds.
Playground Pine Bark Soft-fall Mulch
Decorative, helps retains moisture and suppresses weeds.
Red Woodchip
Dyed woodchip creates a decorative mulch.
Helps retains moisture and suppresses weeds.
Red Woodchip redder
Eucii Mulch
A mulch from hardwood eucalyptus so it won't draw
nitrogen from your garden soil to decompose. A
Flower Power favourite!
Decorative, helps retains moisture and suppresses weeds.
Made with pine chips.
Decorative, helps retains moisture and suppresses weeds.

Bulk landscape prices

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Please keep in mind that all products have natural variances and the images above should be used as a guide only. Head to your local Flower Power to see bulk product in the flesh.

* Our Mascot Garden Centre does not have bulk available for pick-up but they can happily arrange delivery for you. Click here to contact our Mascot team.