For these three Flower Power dads, green thumbs definitely run in the family.


John Sammut and kids EDIT

John Sammut

Flower Power CEO and father of five

What do your kids love to do in the garden? They love the whole process of growing herbs and vegies, from planting to the reward of having grown something at the end of it all.

Words of wisdom for getting kids excited about gardening. Give them little gloves and tools and show them what to do. Then let them try it for themselves. Create a buzz around it and make it fun!

What can gardening teach kids? Responsibility. When my kids wanted a pet, I told them first I would get them an indoor plant. If they could look after it successfully, they could have a pet. Thankfully they did!





Justyn Taylor

Flower Power Buyer and father of two

What do your kids love to do in the garden? They love to play with worms and plant vegies and watch them grow.

Must-haves for gardening with kids? Patience. Kids like to rush things but they quickly learn plants need to be handled with care. Also kid-sized tools, so they can be just like dad.

What has gardening taught your kids? That plants aren’t perfect, which has helped them understand people are not perfect too.




Nathan Rowe

Flower Power Area Manager and father of three

What do your kids love to do in the garden? They love planting fruit, herbs and vegies, especially strawberries and snow peas, which they love to pick and eat. My two boys definitely don’t love mowing the lawn.

How do you get your kids excited about gardening? I let them get their hands dirty, be kids and have fun.

What has gardening taught your kids? How to have fun without technology, how things grow and how herbs can be used in cooking.