With days getting shorter and nights becoming cooler, you’ll love this cosy Danish concept in your home this winter.

Pronounced ‘hue-gah’, the most common English translation for hygge is ‘cosiness’. But this Danish concept is so much more. Hygge is about embracing life’s simple pleasures, from sharing warm food and conversation with family and friends, to savouring your morning coffee or curling up with a good book.



Create instant hygge with the warm glow of candles.


Top left: Resort magazine holder, from $79.99. River vase in blue, $19.99. River vase in grey, $29.99. Ava vase small, $24.99. Warrior vase, $44.99. Willow candle in small, $24.99.
Top right: Willow diffuser, $34.99. Willow candle in large, $29.99. Coventry handmade planters, from $9.99.
Bottom left: Whisper diffuser, $34.99. Whisper candles, $32.99.
Bottom right: Cayman lantern, $54.99 each.


Soft textures

Create the perfect relaxing moment by sinking into soft woven cushions and throws.


Top: Sahara cushion, $39.99. Casablanca cushion, $39.99. Resort tray, from $79.99. Tribal photo frames, from $29.99.
Bottom left: Sahara cushion, $39.99. Elly cushions, from $24.99. Casablanca cushion, $39.99.
Bottom right: Casablanca rug, $57.99.


Natural furnishings and decorations

Incorporate timber and cane pieces and woven baskets to bring a feeling of warmth.


Top left: Brumby canvas, $229.99. Resort lantern, $59.99.
Top right: Harper planter baskets, from $9.99. Tao pots, from $5.99.
Bottom left: Tropics planter baskets, from $4.99. Palms planter baskets, from $9.99.
Bottom right: Sahara wall hanging, $32.99. Dune serving platters, from $29.99. Dune serving bowls, from $34.99. Willow planters, from $29.99. Willow timber plant stands, from $15.99. Atlantis tea light holders, from $24.99.


Serving ware

A big part of hygge is togetherness, but it isn’t about wowing your guests with a ten-course degustation. It’s about creating an inviting atmosphere with a simple, delicious meal and relaxed accessories.



Top left: Congo and Malawi handmade serving bowls, from $29.99.
Top right: Bayview serving bowls, from $13.99. Dune serving platters, from $29.99. Dune serving bowls, from $34.99. Flora tea light holders, from $29.99.
Bottom left: Resort tray, from $79.99. Montauk cushion, $63.99.
Bottom right: Tuscan handmade serving platters, from $41.99.


Prices correct as at July 2017. While stock lasts.