Looking to add a little indoor greenery to your work space? We hear you! Not only do indoor office plants look great, they actually offer significant benefits to office workers. Here are 5 fantastic reasons to fill your office with indoor plants.


Top 5 benefits of indoor office plants

Benefit 1: Clear the air

Sometimes offices can feel a little on the stuffy side - so if you want to breathe fresher air at work, it's time to add some indoor plants! The well-known and often-cited NASA Clean Air Study, conducted in 1989, concluded that indoor plants can help remove up to 87% of toxins from the air.


Benefit 2: Stress less

Tensions rising in the office? A nice new plant might help! In fact, a 2010 report to Horticulture Australia Ltd by researchers the University of Technology, Sydney showed a reduction of over 40% in feelings of stress and negative mood in offices where indoor plants were present.


Benefit 3: Increase productivity

It's not your imagination - you really do get more done when surrounded by nature! A 2014 study by the University of Exeter in the UK indicated that by enriching a lean office with indoor plants, productivity could be increased by up to 15%.


Spathiphyllums, or peace lilies, make fabulous desk plants - check out these two in our office!


Benefit 4: Create a green screen

Modern office designs are often very open, which is great for collaboration, but can feel a little lacking in privacy. A well-placed plant can act as a screen between desks, allowing a feeling of personal space that remains in keeping with the open plan scheme.


Benefit 5: Muffle noise

Hear us out on this one! Full, lush, broad-leaved plants can help to absorb sound, making for a peaceful environment - and offices can be noisy places. Much like you might plant a hedge at home to deaden the sounds from the street, some carefully chosen and well-placed indoor plants can help to muffle office noise. In turn, this may assist with concentration and focus.


Indoor plants can be used for screening, like we've done in our office here.


Top indoor office plant picks

They don't call us the indoor plant people for nothing. Click here for our guide to the best indoor plants for offices. We know they work, because every plant included in that article is growing in our own office!


Best indoor office plants for a workspace without windows

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