When it comes to caring for their favourite plants, mum’s not the word for these Flower Power mums.

Rachael Butt: Flower Power Senior Graphic Designer and mum of two

Favourite plant? Mandevilla ‘Crimson Fantasy’.

Why has it won you over? I’m a colour person and Mandevilla ‘Crimson Fantasy’ has a mass of bright red flowers most of the year, which remind me of somewhere tropical.

How do you keep it happy? I water it regularly in summer and every few days in winter. I feed it Seasol and fertilise in spring and summer. When it stops flowering, I give it a trim to encourage new growth.

Difference between caring for your plants and your kids? When establishing plants, I’m always checking on them, so I’m a bit of a helicopter gardener. But I’m definitely not a helicopter mum!



KerrieKerrie Farquhar: Flower Power Buyer and mum of two

Favourite plant? Peace lily (spathiphyllum).

Why do you love it? It’s a full, lush plant with attractive white flower spikes that cheer up any room.

How do you keep the peace with peace lilies? They’re hard to kill - they virtually scream at you with drooping leaves when they need attention. Peace lilies are by far my most successful plants.

Is caring for peace lilies and kids much the same? Yes. They scream at you when they want attention so if you give them just a little TLC, they’ll be happy.




NadiaNadia Kovtun: Flower Power Admin Assistant and mum of two

Favourite plant? Succulents.

Why do you love them? They don’t need much water and they come in so many colours and shapes, and some have beautiful flowers.

Tips for superb succulents? Water once a week and less frequently in winter. They also propagate easily. You can take a cutting, replant it and it will happily regrow.

Difference between plants and kids? Both are enjoyable, but plants help clear your mind and you don’t have to do a plant’s homework.



ElaineElaine Ross: Flower Power Milperra Back Office Clerk and mum of two

Favourite plant? Duranta 'Sheena’s Gold'.

Why can’t you get enough of it? It looks perfect 12 months of the year and gives my garden a splash of lime colour, even in winter.

How to grow a dream Duranta? I give it Supergrow Organic Fertiliser Pellets twice a year, followed by a good water. I use PowerFeed after extremely hot or cold weather and I prune it lightly three times a year.

Difference between caring for a Duranta and kids? I don’t have to worry about my Duranta because I know where it is all the time.