As the quarter-acre block becomes less and less of the norm, and small-space living continues to rise, green thumbs are becoming more innovative in finding ways to bring the outdoors in. Living areas, kitchens, bedrooms and even bathrooms are now fair game for creating green oases. One need only watch an episode of The Block to know that gardening is now a bona-fide interior design trend, and even those with less know-how are starting to fill their homes with greenery. More importantly, they're reaping the benefits - not only are they introducing the calming feel of the outdoors into their indoor spaces, plants are known to convert carbon dioxide in the air into oxygen, meaning that indoor plants actually help to improve air quality.

At Flower Power, it'll come as no surprise that we love indoor plants, too. We have an amazing selection of indoor plants so you can always find indoor greenery that perfectly fits your needs. Even better - our buyers have their fingers on the pulse of the latest homeware trends, and with their keen eyes for styling, they've put together a stunning range of indoor pots for you to choose from.

Check out some of our favourite indoor pot and plant combos below, or head in store to view our full range!


A leafy Spathiphyllum potted up in a blush Hudson Pot adds a splash of colour to a plain corner.

Spathiphyllum in Hudson Pot.


With its dark foliage and long-lived white flowers, this popular indoor plant choice also known as Peace Lily is the perfect neutral – and as a lover of shade, it’s a great one to pop on a shelf or in a corner area for a little greenery without direct sunlight. Pair it with our gorgeous blush pink Hudson Pot for a subtle burst of feminine colour!

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A lacy Maidenhair Fern in a natural-coloured Mali Planter pot, nestled comfortably on a side table next to a wicker lounge with a candle and vase.

Maidenhair Fern in Mali Planter

Maidenhair Fern

Featuring light, feathery, lace-like foliage, the gorgeous Maidenhair Fern is like a breath of fresh air – no wonder it’s one of the most popular ferns you’ll find! It likes brightly-lit, humid spots, making it a great choice for a bit of bathroom greenery. Pair it with our gorgeous natural-toned Mali Planter to add a soft touch to your decor.








A bushy Rhapis Palm potted up in a basket next to a rope occasional chair.

Rhapis Excelsa in Palm Planter Basket

Rhapis Palm

The striking and slow-growing Rhapis Palm has a bonus feature – it’s known to help purify indoor air! What more could you ask for in your new, leafy housemate? As far as positioning goes, your new friend will appreciate a well-lit spot out of direct sunlight, and won’t be too bothered by the cold. For instant style, pop it in the Palm Planter Basket, et voila!








The iconic large leaves of the Monstera Deliciosa, potted up in a slouchy basket and placed next to a window.

Monstera Deliciosa in Navio Planter Basket

Monstera Deliciosa

From fashion to homewares, the iconic and super-recognisable leaves of the Monstera plant are everywhere this season. Bring the outdoors in and pair it with a planter basket for a relaxed but exotic vibe – our large Navio Planter Basket has a gorgeous, slouchy style ­– and keep it in a warm, humid place away from direct sunlight.








Ctenanthe Grey Stars potted up in Scandi-styled York Planters with long, exposed timber legs.

Ctenanthe Grey Stars in York Planters

Ctenanthe Grey Star

This plant offers a lot as far as styling goes. Its long leaves atop slender petioles have intriguing and distinctive veining in shades of grey and green on top, while their undersides display a vibrant plum-red colour. Pop your Ctenanthe Grey Star in a well-lit spot away from sunny windows. To keep this plant the star of the show and create some levels, pot up a couple in our Scandi-inspired York Planters.








A beautiful Cascade Palm, presented in a relaxed basket on a matching woven mat next to a bench seat,

Cascade Palm in Barbados Basket

Cascade Palm

Nothing creates that holiday-at-home vibe better than a Cascade Palm. Pot up this Mexican-native clumping variety in the Barbados Basket and watch your home go from suburban chic to tropical resort luxe. Again, a sheltered and shady spot in your home away from direct sunlight will see your palm thrive.

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The beautifully variegated leaves of the Schefflera Madam de Smet contrast beautifully against the monochrome Oaklands Planter, with a black candle and black and white print in the background.

Schefflera Madam de Smet in Oaklands Planter

Schefflera Madam de Smet

Otherwise known as the Dwarf Umbrella Plant, the green and golden variegated leaves of this variety create an instant talking point. It’s a versatile and easygoing plant and will thrive pretty much anywhere in your home. Make the most of its colourful foliage by pairing it with a refined pot option such as the Oaklands Planter.








A beautiful Blue Bell Fern spilling over the sides of our tall, tapered, cream Clarendon Planter. In the background are a jute wall hanging and a reed diffuser.

Blue Bell Fern in Clarendon Planter

Blue Bell Fern

With fine fishbone-like fronds spilling majestically over the sides of its container, this Boston fern variety is an instant styling star. To keep it thriving, you’ll need to pop it in a cool spot with indirect light, and keep up the humidity. Make the most of its drama with a tall and tapered pot like the Clarendon Planter.








The dark and glossy foliage of the Rubber Plant contrasts beautifully against the white Ferma Pot. Some small white vases sit on the same shelf.

Rubber Plant in Ferma Pot

Rubber Plant

The super-stylish Rubber Plant looks like it's just stepped out of an interior design magazine with its dark, glossy foliage. It’s an instant way to add some sleek styling to a minimally-decorated area with bright but indirect light. Our white Ferma Pot adds texture while keeping the colour palette stripped back, allowing the plant to shine.








Rhipsalis Clavata spilling casually over the edge of a grey-and-beige Coco Planter. In the background is a bowl with a pineapple.

Rhipsalis Clavata in Coco Planter

Rhipsalis Clavata

This cascading succulent is a great way to add relaxed greenery to any setting. It doesn’t like direct sunlight, so keep it away from sunny windows, but a little bit of filtered sun is just what the doctor ordered. Let it ramble casually over the edges of our two-toned Coco Planter – you just can't go wrong.








A tall Fiddle Leaf Fig takes pride of place next to a hall table featuring a candle, vases and cushions. It's in a white Lagoon Pot with black details and a wooden stand.

Fiddle Leaf Fig in Lagoon Pot

Fiddle Leaf Fig

When you’re searching for the perfect high-impact indoor feature plant, it's hard to go past the trendy Fiddle Leaf Fig. Growing up to 2-3m in a pot, it's the perfect solution for a well-lit corner space. Try our Lagoon Planter with its matching timber plant stand for a truly striking combination.

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