Everywhere you turn this season, you're likely to spot a storage basket. But far from the utilitarian plastic tubs of the past, hidden in cupboards and laundries, the new breed are stylish accents you'd be proud to have out on display in your living area - turning function into fashion. Hand-woven from a range of natural materials including seagrass, cattail, water hyacinth and rattan, and decorated with accents of jute, cotton and twine, they manage to look both natural and relaxed, yet stylish at the same time.

While storage baskets can be used to contain cushions and throws, magazines, kids' toys and other knick-knacks, our favourite way to use them is as an alternative to a plant pot! A gorgeous foliage plant in a basket can help soften the look of your room, giving it a relaxed, lived-in feel. We love nothing more than dressing up a lounge or bedroom with a perfectly-matched foliage and basket duo, but it can also be a great look in an enclosed outdoor entertaining area, provided the basket is kept protected from the elements.

A monstera in our Amalfi Basket, a ficus burgundy in our Congo Water Hyacinth Basket and a fiddle leaf fig in our Corfu Basket.


Our top tips for baskets...

  • Choose the right plant. Storage baskets, especially those woven from seagrass and straw, tend to have a soft and slouchy silhouette. This relaxed vibe is best paired with tropical or rainforest plants - think palms and ferns. A more formal, structured basket woven from a rigid cane or water hyacinth, for example, might better suit a fiddle leaf fig or a flowering plant.
  • Water wisely. Storage baskets and water don't go well together, so you need to consider logistics early. When it comes to keeping your plant well-hydrated, we suggest that you keep your plant in a plastic pot inside your storage basket, one which has plenty of drainage. When your plant needs a drink, remove it from the basket, take it outside and give it a good soaking before allowing it to drain well. Once the excess water has drained, you can pop it back in its basket! You can also water your plant in the bath or shower with the same effect. A plastic saucer in the bottom of the basket will help to catch any stray drips and trickles.
  • Size matters. Choose a basket that will conceal your plastic pot well, without looking out of proportion with your plant. And remember - plants don't stay one size, so as your plant outgrows its pot, you may need to consider upsizing the basket, too!

Clockwise from left: A sansevieria in a Papaya Basket, a monstera in our Kauai Basket, an elkhorn in our Hawaii Water Hyacinth Basket, a sansevieria in our Soho Basket and a dragon tail plant in our Shore Basket.

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