We're all spending a lot more time at home these days - so while you're there, why not make your space look the best it possibly can? At Flower Power, you know we have a fantastic range of indoor plants - but you might not know that we also have Sydney's widest range of indoor and decorator pots, pot bags, planter baskets, macramé hangers, plant stands and so much more to style your plants with! To help you get started, we've asked our two expert stylists and homewares buyers, Lucy Wolstenholme and Connie Kantares, to share their top indoor plant styling tips.


About Lucy

From a very early age, Lucy knew she wanted to work in the homewares and interior design industry. After finishing high school, she studied interior design before spending seven years developing her expertise as a visual merchandiser for an iconic Australian furniture brand. Lucy then moved across to Flower Power, spending two years perfecting our visual merchandising style before stepping into her current role as homewares and furniture buyer.

In her eight years in this role, Lucy has travelled the world, visiting the leading international homewares exhibitions and sourcing stylish, on-trend product from far-flung locations including China, Vietnam, India and Europe. Her extensive travels have helped to shape her vision, but she also regularly finds inspiration in interior design magazines and on social media.


About Connie

An explorer at heart, and having explored all the little nooks and crannies of beautiful countries around the world, Connie one day quite literally found herself in homewares heaven. Inspired by her travels, she wanted to make these rare treasures accessible to décor enthusiasts everywhere - so she combined her knack for sourcing products and years of retail purchasing expertise with her creative streak, eye for detail and passion for interiors, and joined Lucy at Flower Power.

With her vast knowledge and experience in wholesale buying, Connie has sourced many unique decorator pieces from lands far away including India, Morocco, Turkey, Vietnam and China, with some hidden gems found closer to home on Australian shores.


Their design philosophy

Through their years of experience, constant trend-watching and insurmountable passion for beautiful homewares, each item that Lucy and Connie source is personally and carefully selected, envisioned to stand alone or come together as part of a broader aesthetic story. As a team, they break many of mainstream design's established rules, while managing to craft an exquisite bohemian-luxe style.

Filling our Flower Power stores with everything from miniature trinkets to ornate statement pieces, Lucy and Connie aim to cater to all tastes and strive to offer our customers unique finds that are otherwise difficult to come by.



"While staying up to date with the current trends is key, depending on your current furniture and wall colours, we like to opt for a more muted, neutral, earthy colour palette. This will generally hold longevity within your home and will match beautifully with most colour canvases. With that said, a little pop of colour in any living space is always good! We love to use greenery for this and also the occasional on-trend coloured pot, cushion, throw and wall art piece, which can easily be swapped out as trends come and go!"


"Once you've identified your colour scheme, we recommend you stick with it. A single colour scheme will help your space “pop” while still feeling cohesive, whereas a broader range of multi-colours can look overwhelming and out of place. You want your home to be a place of calm and serenity, so that cohesion is key.

Texture is also really important for adding warmth to a space. Ideally, you want a little bit of contrast here - this can be achieved by mixing in hand-carved or patterned pots alongside plain pots to create a focal point, or by teaming your indoor pots with some woven baskets or slouchy pot bags.

Different shapes and sizes are also important to help create balance within the space - if all of your pots have the same silhouette, there's no dimension. Pair tall pots with short, and curvy with angular, to keep that contrast flowing. Even throwing in a hanging planter can add a real "wow" factor and additional depth. 

Different heights and levels are important when styling a pot cluster. We have a huge range of plant stands, from minimal to ornate, and we recommend using these either individually or in groups, paired with complementing pots, to create the height you need."



"Just as plants come in all different shapes, sizes and colours, so do your pots - and what works for one may not work for the next! As much as it's important to match your pots to your space, it's equally important to match your plants to your pots. For example, a variegated plant with pink-toned leaves such as the stunning Ficus Tineke Ruby will generally pair really well with a blush or earthy toned pot, but much less so with a blue pot. Tall, skinny plants such as palms and happy plants match back well with woven baskets to create a luxe resort look, while a more classic plant such as a phalaenopsis orchid often looks best in a simple white pot.

Proportion is really important, too. Where you have a taller or larger plant, you should look for a pot that's in proportion - not only does it look better, your plant needs that extra size to flourish, and if the plant is top heavy, it will need a heavier planter to balance its weight out and stop it from toppling over. We like taller pots rather than squat ones for tall plants, and similarly, we don't like to go too big in pot size for small plants - you still want the plant to shine.

If you've got a trailing plant, these look amazing spilling over the side of a desk or shelf or hanging from the ceiling - just make sure the size of the planter allows it to tumble gracefully over the edge. If you go with a planter that's too tall, you won't get that beautiful spilling effect."



"You don't need to completely restyle your home to fit your new plants in - in fact, a new plant could make you love a piece of furniture you weren't necessarily keen on to begin with. Decorator pots add an extra level of depth when added to any existing features. Got a boring bookshelf? Add a pot and trailing plant combo to make the most of the height. For coffee tables, a smaller pot and shorter plant looks best, styled back with a candle and a coffee table book. With consoles, you can go one of two ways – you could style the plant as a main feature, so go with a bigger pot and taller plant, or you could have your pot and plant combo sitting among your other styled décor including a lamp, statue, vignettes or books. In this case, we recommend you choose a smaller plant to sit on the edge of the console – this is another opportunity to display some gorgeous trailing foliage!"



"Have you got a bare space on your wall that's annoying you? Maybe you're living in a small space where surface area is at a premium and you don't think you have room for a plant. The solution to both of these problems is to go vertical! Hanging plants sit really well when alongside the view of a window, or beside the edge of the bed. We've even seen them used in kitchens to great effect. We offer a huge range of macrame plant hangers, which are a great way to hang almost any indoor pot or woven basket and add another element of soft boho texture to your space."



"Remember, you are not limited to plastic or ceramic pots when displaying your plants - you're really only limited by your own imagination. Thinking outside the square and adding risky, non-traditional elements to a more classic theme is where you can truly make a space your own.

Planter baskets are quite versatile, with soft, hand-made fibres which can be moulded to fit to your plant's pot. You can create a more relaxed, coastal, boho look by using a basket instead of a decorative pot to hold your plant, as they add that extra layer of contrasting texture with a really raw and natural feel.

Pot bags add a cool, contemporary, almost industrial look to your decor. The slouchy, soft leather-look of our range of pot bags brings more focus to the plant and helps it to stand out among the rest of your styling. 

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to styling your indoor plants - we love to mix on-trend decorator pots, baskets and pot bags for an eclectic yet harmonious feel."



"First and foremost, your indoor plant should always be kept in a plastic pot inside your decorative planter, basket or pot bag - never pot it up straight into its decorative container. There are two reasons for this - firstly, it means you can really easily switch pots if you decide to change your colour scheme. It also means you can take your plant outside (or to the bath if you're in an apartment!) to water it, then allow it to drain before you return it to its home. This will help protect your décor, as baskets and pot bags particularly aren't intended to be wet. Most of our indoor pots come without drainage holes, but for any that do, we recommend you use a saucer to catch any stray water drips and prevent damage to your furniture or floors.

In terms of styling, our top home décor tip is not to overdo what is currently on trend. Trend pieces may not always have longevity and often date really easily. For furniture pieces, it is good to use more muted, versatile colours that will last through the decades, including genuine antique pieces which never date. It is important when trying to be on trend or to be a little daring, to opt for smaller pieces such as pots, cushions, wall décor and accessories which can be easily changed and updated once your tastes change without breaking the bank.

Most of all, have fun with it - it's your living space, and rules were made to be broken!"