Flower Power's homeware and furniture buyers have their fingers on the pulse of all the latest trends in interior styling. Seasoned travellers with a keen eye for style, they scour all corners of the globe on a regular basis to bring you the most up-to-date pieces, straight from exotic shores to your living room. They've identified three major trends for 2019 - stay tuned for the series...


Coastal Haze

"Who says winter has to be all about warm tones? Smoky blues combine with cloudy mints and hazy greys for a softer take on the coastal trend that's been dominant through the warmer months. These gorgeous cool tones help to create a feeling of relaxation and serenity, perfect for a chilled-out living space."


Key styling elements

Inspire a sense of calm in your home with these hand-picked pieces...

Madras Link cushions, clockwise from top left: Brooklyn Chenille Cushion in Grey, Tilba Cushion in Blue, Wembley Melange Velvet Cushion and Drop Flower Cushion in Blue.

The statement cushion

A colourful, textured or printed cushion is the quickest and most effective way to update your decor, and our 2019 winter range will help you transform your space. With marle, velveteen and linen-look finishes, plus divine floral motifs exclusive to Flower Power, you'll find plenty of stylish options to add both a cosy touch and a serene vibe. Here, we've used the Madras Link Brooklyn Chenille Cushion in Grey, Wembley Melange Velvet Cushion, Tilba Cushion in Blue and Drop Flower Cushion in Blue for a beautifully textured, layered effect.







The FP Collection Palm Beach Lanterns.

The white-washed lanterns

One of the hallmarks of coastal style is white-washed timber - and you can achieve just a hint of that look with our stunning FP Collection Palm Beach Lanterns. Made from hand-woven natural cane, they'll add refined texture and a relaxed feel to your space. We've used two in different sizes to create dimension. Simply add a candle!







The FP Collection Day Dream Canvas Wall Art.

The beach print

Adding some wall art is a quick and easy way to take a room from sterile to stimulating - and if you want a coastal vibe, how better to achieve that than with a beach print? The FP Collection Day Dream Canvas Wall Art is large but well-proportioned, making an instant impact and helping you to feel like you're on the beach, no matter where you are.








The FP Collection Atlantis Conch Shell.

The oversized conch shell

Shells have been around in coastal decor for the last few years - but trust us when we say, they're only going to get bigger from here on out. For the ultimate touch of coastal luxe, the FP Collection Atlantis Conch Shell is an absolute must-have. This versatile piece looks great on hall tables, coffee tables, benches and bay windows, and even looks great in bathrooms.








The FP Collection Indu Vintage Coffee Table.

The weathered coffee table

Low and long, the FP Collection Indu Vintage Coffee Table is a great statement piece in the entertainer's lounge. Use it to display your most treasured pieces, or pop some cushions around it and sit down for a casual on-the-floor meal. This rustic piece is full of character and was hand-made in India, meaning each piece in the range carries its own individual nuances, and no two are alike.









From left: The FP Collection Willow Apple Blossom & Magnolia Candle and the FP Collection Seed+Bloom Coconut & Wild Blossom Large Candle.

The scented candles

Every home needs ambience - and the quickest way to add this is with fragrance. Our range of ceramic jar candles will add to your coastal aesthetic while also adding gorgeous scents to your living space. Our two favourites are the FP Collection Willow Apple Blossom & Magnolia Candle and the FP Collection Seed+Bloom Coconut and Wild Blossom Large Candle.











Don't forget...

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