African Daisy

  1. Wind-tolerant plants and plantings

    Wind-tolerant plants and plantings
    Have you ever noticed how plants growing near the coast or on windy hillsides are often small and gnarled? They look as if they’re hanging on with all their roots, trying to keep their branches low and out of the wind. The very same plant growing in a sheltered spot usually stands tall and upright. If your garden, or even...
  2. African Daisy

    African Daisy
    A little bit about the African daisy No prizes for guessing where this exotic beauty is from. But did you know, in the US this perennial plant’s hardiness has earned it the nickname ‘freeway daisy’? In Sydney, African daisies have proven to be just as tough and easy to grow. Come winter, they reveal a showy, generous mass of flowers...

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