1. Flower Power's favourite reliable landscaping plants

    Flower Power's favourite reliable landscaping plants
    There are some plants that are just so reliable in gardens that they are on every garden designer’s plant list. These reliable plants are often referred to as ‘landscaping plants’. They can be used to form a basic planting scheme that can be embellished to create an individual garden. Most also lend themselves to mass-planting for low-maintenance areas, or to...
  2. Creating winter colour

    Creating winter colour
    Everyone expects gardens to be at their spendiferous, colourful best in spring and summer, with autumn bringing warmth and texture. When we think of winter in the garden, we often think drab, dormant and boring... But it doesn't have to be that way. By choosing your plants cleverly, you can have a garden that is filled with colour all year...
  3. Border and Edging Plants

    Border and Edging Plants
    Plants growing beside paths and steps serve the same role in the garden that cushions do on the living room sofa. They soften hash lines, introduce colour and texture and also offer a welcome to visitors.

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