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  1. How to recognise, treat and prevent lace bug in your garden

    How to recognise, treat and prevent lace bug in your garden
    Lace bug is a serious pest in gardens, attacking the leaves of azaleas and rhododendrons. The damage it causes is seen as bronzing or silvering on the top of the leaves (see image above), but the pest itself is active underneath the leaf. If you look on the underside of a damaged leaf, the tiny pest along with frass (insect...
  2. Summer pests & diseases checklist

    Summer pests & diseases checklist
    There are many tiny critters and plant diseases that want to feed on your plants over summer. Here’s our checklist for summer nasties, along with quick and easy ways to stop them in their tracks. The quickest way to deal with many pests and diseases is to remove the pest or damaged plant part by hand when it's first seen...
  3. Azaleas

    I had always thought of azaleas as small plants until one day I visited an old Sydney garden and found myself walking through a tunnel of shrubs. Wondering what they were, I looked up and discovered azalea flowers above my head. These plants, which were decades old and had never been pruned except to create space to walk, had grown...

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