1. Potted perfection: 9 tips for the perfect outdoor pot cluster

    Potted perfection: 9 tips for the perfect outdoor pot cluster
    Potted plants are a popular and suitable choice in nearly every garden. They're much more portable than in-ground plants, so you can take them with you if ever you move house, plus choosing to grow plants in containers can open you up to a wider variety of plants that may not otherwise work with the soil type in your garden...
  2. Small space styling: Create an oasis with balcony furniture

    Small space styling: Create an oasis with balcony furniture
    As the weather starts to warm up, we turn our minds to outdoor living. A morning coffee, an afternoon curled up with a good book, a sunset cocktail, a long lunch with friends or a family dinner - all of these simple pleasures are often much better enjoyed in the great outdoors. But not all of us are living the...
  3. Best flowering plants for balconies

    Best flowering plants for balconies
    Balcony gardens may be bijou, but make no mistake - they can also be a challenge. Getting plant choices correct on a balcony is much like furnishing a small space to make it seem larger than it is. Everything needs to be selected carefully. In the case of a balcony garden, the chosen plants not only need to look good...
  4. Privacy Plants for Balconies

    Privacy Plants for Balconies
    Do you have a balcony you don’t use because it’s overlooked? Perhaps you feel too exposed or uncomfortable to relax on your balcony, and this lack of privacy is why you never venture out! The right plants can transform an under-used and over-exposed balcony, sheltering it from the elements as well as from prying eyes. Plants act as green screens...
  5. Passionfruit

    A little bit about passionfruit No doubt you’ve enjoyed the tasty, tart fruit of the passionfruit plant. But did you know the fruit comes from a beautiful climbing vine that can create shade, privacy and jazz up an unsightly space? This evergreen perennial is originally from Brazil, but many species feel right at home here in Sydney. If an attractive and...
  6. Hardenbergia

    A little bit about hardenbergia It’s hard not to love this tough, evergreen native. Named after Franziska Countess von Hardenberg, a 19th century Austrian botany patron, a hardenbergia will adapt to almost any spot you put it in. Its deep green, leathery leaves and pea-shaped clusters of flowers are loved by birds and butterflies too.   Botanical name: Australian sarsaparilla...
  7. Growing vegetables in small spaces

    Growing vegetables in small spaces
    With a little bit of ingenuity even the smallest garden, balcony or courtyard can be turned into a productive vegie garden.
  8. Balcony Gardens

    Balcony Gardens
    Plants will clean the air, humidify the atmosphere, screen ugly buildings, provide shade from the hot sun and give unending enjoyment to the gardener.

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