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  1. How to identify good bugs in my garden: 7 beneficial insects that help plants

    How to identify good bugs in my garden: 7 beneficial insects that help plants
    Before you squash that insect – are you sure it’s a pest? Many insects are beneficial to have in the garden and repay their accommodation by eating the real pests, or otherwise being food for birds and other animals. If you are unfamiliar with an insect, watch it for a few minutes and it may reveal whether it is a...
  2. What’s that pest or disease?

    What’s that pest or disease?
    When pests or diseases attack garden plants, the first step to fixing the sick plant is to identify the cause. Start by working out whether the problem is caused by an insect pest or a plant disease. Next, narrow it down further by either identifying the specific pest or disease, or working out how the pest is damaging your plant...
  3. Good & bad garden bugs

    Good & bad garden bugs
    Like it or not, there will always be bugs and insects in the garden. Some are good for the garden and some are not. Nobody likes the bad bugs that eat our plants, but if we eliminate them completely we lose the good bugs too. Without bugs there would be no frogs, no lizards, no birds and the garden would...
  4. Spring pests

    Spring pests
    Imagine your garden as a giant smorgasbord. That’s how garden pests view it and, guess what, they are planning to come to your place for dinner to feast on new spring growth!

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