1. Variegated indoor plants: our top picks

    Variegated indoor plants: our top picks
    Variegated indoor plants add an extra layer of interest to an indoor plant display and brighten your home. Variegated plants are those whose normally-green leaves are patterned with white, yellow or even pink or red colours. With most indoor plants being green and leafy for most of the time, variegated forms add colour among the green. Variegations are usually the...
  2. How to grow insta-worthy indoor plants

    How to grow insta-worthy indoor plants
    With indoor greenery so popular on social media, plant pics are a sure-fire way to get your ‘like’ count soaring. So, what are the best ways to grow and care for an on-trend, "insta-worthy" indoor plant that looks great and photographs well? Plants that photograph well include those with interesting leaf shapes, silhouettes and colour patterns – such as variegations...
  3. Foliage plants for shade

    Foliage plants for shade
    Colourful leaves are not only a feature of deciduous trees in autumn. There are plants that sport dramatically coloured and patterned leaves all year round. Canny garden designers use these coloured foliage plants for year round colour especially in shady areas where flowering plants don’t grow so well or to provide colour when flowering plants have finished. To create impact...
  4. Care advice for calatheas

    Care advice for calatheas
    Calatheas are popular house plants thanks to their impressive foliage. There are many species and cultivars to choose from, with the shape, size and pattern of the leaf varying for each. This fun and flamboyant foliage gives Calatheas a range of common names including Peacock Plant, Zebra Plant and Rattlesnake Plant.   Botanical name Calathea Common names Peacock Plant, Zebra...

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