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  1. 3 reasons to love colourful Coprosma

    3 reasons to love colourful Coprosma
    Looking for stunning foliage to add to your garden? Give Coprosma a go! There are many reasons to love this glossy evergreen shrub but we've narrowed it down to three really great ones. Coprosma Green & Gold 1. Coprosma provide year-round colour While seasonal stars bring interest and joy to a garden it's the well selected, year-round plants that make a design consistently great. Coprosma...
  2. What's wrong with your indoor plant?

    What's wrong with your indoor plant?
    You've given it love, light and water, but your once-gorgeous indoor plant is now looking like a sulky, sad question mark in the corner. What to do? We take a look at some of the common signs of a suffering indoor plant, and how you can nurse it back to health. Factors that impact the health of your indoor plant While there'll...
  3. Bromeliads

    Bromeliads are fascinating plants that come in a variety of foliage colours including green, burgundy, gold, pink, orange and grey. Many bromeliads also produce spectacular flowers in a range of colours and forms. There are 56 genera of bromeliads with Neoregelias, Aechmeas, Billbergias, Tillandsias and the Alcantareas being some of the most popular. Originating from South America, in their natural...

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