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  1. Botanical luxe

    Botanical luxe
    Natural beauty combined with bursts of rich earthy shades are the hallmarks of the botanical luxe look. Embrace Mother Nature with the cosy, comforting texture of natural, organic fibres like those found in handwoven baskets and luxurious linen cushions. The key to creating a sense of authenticity to the botanical luxe look is artisanal craftsmanship, courtesy of handmade ceramic vases...
  2. Coast to coast

    Coast to coast
    Whether you're lucky enough to live by the coast, or just love to escape there in your daydreams, it’s easy to make the interior decorating sea change. Recreate that clean, breezy beach vibe in your home with a combination of whitewashed textures, plenty of light neutral shades, splashes of super soft blues and just a hint of azure. To complete...
  3. Picking the Perfect Pot

    Picking the Perfect Pot
    With so many colours, shapes, sizes and styles, it's tempting just to buy the pot you like the look of best - but take a few minutes to consider some of the points in this guide. You'll end up with pots that suit your needs, your space and your plants!   Shape Tall pots look fantastic but do require extra...

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