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  1. 10 tips to starting your own indoor apartment herb garden

    10 tips to starting your own indoor apartment herb garden
    Lots of indoor plants are only for looking at - but if you want something more productive, in a sunny indoor spot, it is also possible to grow edible plants such as herbs. Here are my top 10 tips to get your indoor herb garden started.   Tip 1: Lots of bright light. Herbs need to grow with lots of...
  2. Container gardening: our top picks

    Container gardening: our top picks
    With space at a premium, sometimes it simply isn't practical to plant out a garden bed in your garden - or perhaps you want to grow some greenery where there's no soil to plant them to thrive in. Enter container gardening. It's perfect for those with small courtyards or balconies, and fabulous for those who rent. Why container gardening? There are...
  3. Leucadendron Devil’s Blush

    Leucadendron Devil’s Blush
    A low and compact shrub that produces spectacular colour in winter. Drought tolerant and well suited to low maintenance and low water use gardens and pots. Will also thrive in coastal and heavy soil gardens. Great for cut flowers and container growing. Grows up to 1 metre high x 1 metre wide. Leucodendron Care Plant in well-drained soil. Water well to establish...

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