1. Succulent garden ideas: 5 succulent ideas for small spaces

    Succulent garden ideas: 5 succulent ideas for small spaces
    Succulents are very popular garden plants and it is easy to see why. They relish hot, dry situations and can take a starring role in dry, heat-tolerant and low-care gardens. Many also grow well in containers, so are great for small spaces, too. This tough plant group is also finding its way into flower and table arrangements indoors and into...
  2. A beginner’s guide to growing succulents

    A beginner’s guide to growing succulents
    Fascinating and beautiful, succulents are wonderful examples of nature’s adaptability. You’ll find succulents thriving the world over, in places with little rainfall where most plants stand zero chance of survival. To withstand these harshest of conditions, succulents grow slowly and store water in their thick, fleshy leaves, stems, roots or tubers. Succulents come in a cornucopia of colours and shapes...
  3. Silver and Grey Foliage

    Silver and Grey Foliage
    There is a trend in garden design to favour foliage plants, that is plants with colourful leaves. Where as flowering plants have a season of colour – often fairly short – foliage plants add colour and texture over many months and year round if they are evergreen.   Silver and grey foliage in the garden Not all coloured foliage is...
  4. Potted succulent gardens

    Potted succulent gardens
    Succulents relish hot, dry situations that mimic their natural arid homes. As well as being well suited to tough conditions in the garden, succulents look good planted together in containers to decorate your outdoor entertaining areas or as gifts.

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