Flamingo flower

  1. How To Grow Anthuriums

    How To Grow Anthuriums
    Also known as the Flamingo Flower, anthuriums are popular tropical plants for both indoors and in the garden. If you want to know how to grow anthuriums, here's all the info you need! All about anthuriums Botanical name Anthurium spp. Common varieties include A. andreanum, A. clarinervium, A. plowmanii and A. hookeri variegata. Common name Flamingo flower Visual description Typically...
  2. Plants that give your garden a summer feel

    Plants that give your garden a summer feel
    Being on holidays during summer is more than just having time off. It’s about soaking up the laid back atmosphere of summer: spending time sitting under a shady tree, lounging beside a pool, chilling at a holiday house or zoning out at a lush resort. The plants that surround you become part of the summer holiday and can be the...

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