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  1. Meet our trade team

    Meet our trade team
    Hey tradies - you've all been in touch with Joel, Ryan, Mary or Gary before, but how much do you really know about the people that make your trade orders happen? In between answering your phone calls and emails, providing you quotes and organising delivery, we sat down for a quick chat with some of the team to find out...
  2. Explore our NEW Milperra Garden Centre

    Explore our NEW Milperra Garden Centre
    Inspired by world-class international facilities, Flower Power's brand new Milperra store is an Australian garden centre industry first. Purpose-built from the ground up on the site of one of our former growing nurseries, we've filled 7.5 acres with a premium offering of indoor and outdoor plants, pots, homewares, furniture and landscaping supplies. Best of all, it's entirely weatherproof with a...
  3. Where do our plants come from?

    Where do our plants come from?
    70% of Flower Power plants have been lovingly grown less than an hour’s drive from the heart of Sydney, at Arborglen. Discover the dedication that’s poured into each and every Homegrown plant – all four and a half million of them.   From little things, big things grow To discover the story of Arborglen, you have to go back to...

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