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  1. Getting kids excited about eating veggies

    Getting kids excited about eating veggies
    It's a well-known fact that kids can be fussy eaters, especially when it comes to vegies. In fact, according to the VegKIT Project website, a joint initiative of the CSIRO, Hort Innovation, Flinders University and Nutrition Australia, research indicates that just 6% of Australian children aged between two and 17 are consuming the recommended amount of vegetables each day.* So...
  2. Father Nature

    Father Nature
    For these three Flower Power dads, green thumbs definitely run in the family.   John Sammut Flower Power CEO and father of five What do your kids love to do in the garden? They love the whole process of growing herbs and vegies, from planting to the reward of having grown something at the end of it all. Words of wisdom for getting...

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