1. Ornamental grasses

    Ornamental grasses
    Ornamental grasses have much to offer gardens and are widely used in landscape and show gardens, but home gardeners have been slow to embrace grasses. This may be because many gardeners know little about ornamental grasses and often equate them with weeds. Rest assured, there are lots of good ornamental grasses that are well worth a place in your garden...
  2. Laying down the lawn

    Laying down the lawn
    There are no shortcuts to DIY lawn victory. Laying first-class grass is all about careful planning and preparation. Thankfully, everything you need to know is right here.   TOOLS Rotary hoe or lawn cutter and mattock to remove your old lawn Shovel, for digging up existing soil and digging in lawn underlay Rotary hoe or shovel, for turning over soil Shovel, shears...
  3. Spring lawn care

    Spring lawn care
    A day or two spent on your lawns now will make for lush green lawns that are a pleasure in the coming spring and summer days.

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