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  1. How to create a hanging basket

    How to create a hanging basket
    A hanging basket adds a whole new dimension to gardening and when paired with the right plants, is a beautiful way to introduce colour and life to even the smallest of gardens. Here’s our step-by-step guide to creating your own hanging plant basket, plus 14 of the best plants to choose from.   14 perfect plants for a hanging plant basket...
  2. Viola Friolina

    Viola Friolina
    A little bit about Viola Friolina There’s no excuse for a dull and dormant autumn and winter garden when you have pretty perennial Viola Friolina in bloom. At a time when many flowering plants are enjoying a winter snooze, this autumn- and winter-flowering beauty is branching out and trailing, revealing an abundance of blooms as it goes. An evergreen, this...
  3. Using perennials to create a colourful display

    Using perennials to create a colourful display
    Creating a colourful display of perennials in a hanging basket or wine barrel is fun, creative, rewarding and a fab way to add a pop of perennial colour to even the tiniest of outdoor spaces.   Choosing your plants Planting one variety is the easiest and quickest way to create a colourful hanging basket or wine barrel. If you’re feeling...
  4. Growing pansies

    Growing pansies
    One look at their bright, happy faces explains their popularity.

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