indoor palm

  1. Indoor plants: our top picks (with pots to match!)

    Indoor plants: our top picks (with pots to match!)
    As the quarter-acre block becomes less and less of the norm, and small-space living continues to rise, green thumbs are becoming more innovative in finding ways to bring the outdoors in. Living areas, kitchens, bedrooms and even bathrooms are now fair game for creating green oases. One need only watch an episode of The Block to know that gardening is now...
  2. Cascade palm

    Cascade palm
    A little bit about the┬áCascade palm This Mexican native is a hardy and versatile clumping palm, and will be content in your garden or your home.   Botanical name: Chamaedorea atroviren Height 1.5 metres Width: 1.8 metres Ideal position: Cascade palms like a moist, sheltered spot with good drainage. A full sun position is fine, as long as it gets...

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