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indoor plant pests

  1. Gardening 101: Top indoor plants for the new #plantparent

    Gardening 101: Top indoor plants for the new #plantparent
    Indoor plants are trendy. They are the must-have house ornament of the season, with hashtags, groups and communities around plant parenthood setting social media ablaze. But, unlike industrial lights, leaf-motif wallpaper and anything copper, plants are a decorative item that you can’t buy, set and forget. They are living organisms that demand your care and attention – much like a...
  2. Gardening 101: Indoor plant pests

    Gardening 101: Indoor plant pests
    Many new gardeners are amazed to discover that pests can seek out and attack plants growing indoors, or even out on a balcony of a high-rise building. One way or another, pests find plants - even when they are inside and away from the natural environment. They may already have been present when you purchased the plant, or hitched a...

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