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  1. Tackling Mosquitoes in the Garden

    Tackling Mosquitoes in the Garden
    Mosquitoes turn time outside into an ordeal. Late afternoon and early evening are peak times for mosquito activity in summer gardens. As many mosquito repellents include plant extracts (for example pyrethrum or citronella) one of the dreams held by many gardeners is to find a plant that will repel mosquitoes naturally. Unfortunately there isn't one, even though many fragrant plants...
  2. A note from your plants on watering

    A note from your plants on watering
    Some people say your plants grow better if you talk to them. I think it’s more important to listen to what they have to say, particularly on the subject of water. Watering plants is one of the most important garden tasks. For plants, a good drink can be the difference between life and death. Certainly, those that don’t get enough...
  3. Maximising Flower Production

    Maximising Flower Production
    It is disappointing when a plant flowers for just a day or two and that’s it, the flowering is over. If it is a productive plant it is more than disappointing, it may mean your plant doesn’t crop. Good flowering usually comes down to a combination of factors. The plant needs to be growing in the right location, have the...
  4. Transplanting

    A gardening friend once told me that her plants had been moved so many times they shuddered when they saw her with the spade in her hand. If you are planning to move a plant, winter is the best time of the year to do it because growth has slowed or become dormant, and conditions are mild reducing the stress...
  5. Magic Magnolia

    Magic Magnolia
    There’s a small, unassuming house on a fairly busy stretch of road near where I live. Most of the year I merely glance at the garden as I drive past, but in late winter it becomes the best-dressed house on the block. Its rise in status is due to the magnolia blooming in the front yard. This magnolia is one of...
  6. Cymbidium orchids

    Cymbidium orchids
    With a little TLC you will be romanced by Cymbidium’s elegant flowers for an incredible 4-12 weeks.
  7. Simply Citrus

    Simply Citrus
    Your citrus grove doesn’t need to stop at a lemon or lime. If you have lots of sunny, well-drained garden space available, citrus are both productive and ornamental.
  8. Go Native

    Go Native
    The idea of a garden inspired by a bushland experience is one of the new ways native plants are used in modern Australian gardens.
  9. Flowers for Shade

    Flowers for Shade
    With careful planning it is possible to have something blooming in a shaded garden all year round.
  10. Soil testing explained

    Soil testing explained
    Soil pH sound like another language to you? This guide to soil pH and soil testing will help make it all a lot clearer.

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