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  1. The winter veggie patch

    The winter veggie patch
    Winter is one of the best times of the year to grow vegetables as there are delicious crops to grow, bothersome pests and diseases are taking a winter break and mild temperatures mean there’s less stress on both plants and the gardener.
  2. Cordylines

    Cordylines are tough, leafy plants that bring a subtropical flavour to gardens even in cool climates.
  3. Sasanqua Camellias

    Sasanqua Camellias
    With flowers from late summer to winter, sasanqua camellias make a long impact on the garden.
  4. Vertical Garden Systems

    Vertical Garden Systems
    Vertical Gardens are a simple and effective way to introduce plants into a space where greenery otherwise couldn’t be grown. As they utilise vertical space they are a boon for small gardens everywhere from courtyards to balconies.
  5. Vertical Garden Friendly Plants

    Vertical Garden Friendly Plants
    Vertical gardens can be used to grow ornamental or edible plants in a small space. They are ideal for attaching to the walls of balconies, courtyards or fences to provide growing spaces for a wide range of plants.
  6. Top Tips for Growing Passionfruit

    Top Tips for Growing Passionfruit
    Remember passionfruit are subtropical plants so, although they’ll grow in most parts of Australia, in cooler areas they need a warm, sunny, sheltered spot with fertile soil and regular water to thrive.
  7. Growing Petunias

    Growing Petunias
    Boldly coloured petunias can be used to add highlights to a green garden or enliven an outdoor entertaining area such as a barbecue area or around a swimming pool.
  8. Fruit Fly Control

    Fruit Fly Control
    Fruit flies are a very real menace in the garden, attacking apricot, peach, nectarine, raspberry and mandarins, as well as our favourite salad vegetable, the tomato.
  9. Organic insect and disease control

    Organic insect and disease control
    When there’s a problem in your garden you want a safe cure. Some people search for homemade remedies, but many of these are messy to make or apply and may often harm the very plant you are trying to protect.

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