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  1. Which lawn fertiliser is best for my garden?

    Which lawn fertiliser is best for my garden?
    With so many different products on offer, choosing a lawn fertiliser can be a little daunting. Never fear! Check out our easy guide to helping you choose the best lawn fertiliser for your garden.   Important note: Always check the package to ensure each fertiliser is suitable for your specific variety of turf. Some turf types are more sensitive and...
  2. Lawn care 101

    Lawn care 101
    From mowing and pests to weeding and feeding season by season, discover lawn care basics for grass you can be proud of. Mowing Mowing is the best form of weed control. During the warmer months, mow your lawn weekly. In the cooler months, mow every second or third week. The next thing to consider is mowing height. It makes sense to assume that...

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