1. The top 12 veggies to plant in autumn

    The top 12 veggies to plant in autumn
    As the days shorten and become cooler, summer plantings such as tomato, cucumber and zucchini begin to wind down. As you remove these spent plants, there is space in the vegetable garden for new plantings. There are many veggies to plant in autumn, which you can then grow and harvest through winter and even into early spring. Autumn veggie planting...
  2. Top 6 veggies to plant in May

    Top 6 veggies to plant in May
    Don’t lose your planting momentum. There are plenty of veggies to sow and plant in late autumn to harvest in winter and spring. Here are our top six veggies to plant in May and why we love them! Remember to liquid feed regularly every 7-10 days (we recommend Harvest) to keep veggies growing through the cold weather.   Broccoli and...
  3. Our top 10 vegetables to plant in spring!

    Our top 10 vegetables to plant in spring!
    If you’ve found yourself standing in front of your veggie garden in the warm spring sunlight desperate to plant something edible, but not sure what, this post is for you. Here are my favourite vegetables to plant in spring – these are the ones I grow every year and enjoy eating. If you start with seedlings, you could be harvesting...
  4. Clay soil

    Clay soil
    Clay soil is made up mainly of clay particles. On the positive side, clay soils are rich in nutrients. On the other hand, they can be difficult to dig and poorly drained, becoming waterlogged when wet and then cracking as they dry out during extended dry periods. If you are unsure about whether your soil is clay or not, there...
  5. Vegetable growing basics

    Vegetable growing basics
    Spring is a great time to grow edibles both from seed and seedling, and the warm spring weather makes everything thrive. But, if you’ve never grown vegetables before, where do you start? The best starting point is the sunniest part of the garden away from competing plants such as trees. Start with a small space say one-metre square to get...
  6. The winter veggie patch

    The winter veggie patch
    Winter is one of the best times of the year to grow vegetables as there are delicious crops to grow, bothersome pests and diseases are taking a winter break and mild temperatures mean there’s less stress on both plants and the gardener.

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