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  1. Flower Power pavers

    Flower Power pavers
    Did you know we stock a huge range of pavers? At our garden centres you'll find a wide selection of stone pavers exclusive to Flower Power plus pavers from well-known brands like Boral, Adbri and Austral. Visit your local Flower Power Garden Centre to view our range and let us help you pave the way to a refreshed outdoor space. Our top selling...
  2. Basque Natural Stone

    Basque Natural Stone
    There are pavers, and then there are Basque Natural Stone pavers. What makes Basque Natural Stone a cut above the rest? Each paver is a natural stone product, chiselled from rock millions of years in the making. This slow, natural process creates interesting patterns, flecks of minerals (including quartz) and occasionally fossil prints, and makes every single paver utterly unique...

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