1. How to make sure your garden survives when you go on holiday

    How to make sure your garden survives when you go on holiday
    Are you planning a holiday, but worried your gardening efforts might be wasted if the garden isn’t cared for? While it is possible to go away for a day or two without the garden coming under too much stress, longer stretches away, especially during a hot summer, can be catastrophic. The best option is to hire a house-sitter (especially if...
  2. Love your plants: Three ways to show your garden how much you care

    Love your plants: Three ways to show your garden how much you care
    February is the month of love – and in keeping with the spirit of Valentine’s Day, it’s time to show your garden how much you care. After all, it showers you with affection all year long in the form of flowers, foliage and fruit! Here are three simple ways to show how much you love your plants - but remember...
  3. 7 steps to veggie garden soil prep

    7 steps to veggie garden soil prep
    Any experienced gardener will tell you that it’s all about the soil. But what does that mean? Soil provides air, moisture, nutrients and anchorage for our plants, all of which are needed to make them flourish. The better the soil is adapted to plant roots, the better the growth. Not many soils are ideal for growing productive plants without a...
  4. Getting it home

    Getting it home
    Whether you’re buying a few pots and plants, or a heavy load of soil and mulch, we’ve got a Flower Power truck to help you get it home. Large shrubs, compost, sand, top dressing, blocks and pavers…not everything fits in the boot of your car, and we know that when you come into Flower Power with a project in mind...
  5. Preparing soil for autumn planting

    Preparing soil for autumn planting
    The secret to thriving plants in spring is healthy soil - and autumn is the perfect time to give it some TLC.  Like a chef blends ingredients to create a delicious balance of flavours, soil prep is all about getting the right mix of nutrients to create great growing conditions for plants. Based on a one square metre area, the below is a...
  6. Buy bulk and save

    Buy bulk and save
    Have a big garden project in mind? Flower Power stocks a huge range of soil mix, sand, construction material, pebble and mulch available to purchase in bulk for competitive prices. Drive-through* the landscape area at your local Garden Centre any day of the week to load up your truck or trailer, or shop online for fast delivery direct to your home or worksite at...
  7. How to: Planting

    How to: Planting
    Sometimes when you're new to something, it's the most basic things that can be hard to find information on. That's why we've created our planting how to guide - in six easy steps! If you've been wondering why your new plants never seem as happy as they did they day you took them home, make sure you follow the steps...

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