1. Top plants for a coastal vibe indoors

    Top plants for a coastal vibe indoors
    Coastal inspired decorations and tones are right on trend. If you’ve been inspired to bring the coastal look inside, what plants do you select to match your interior theme? Seaside plants tend to have tough green leaves and include palms, ferns and the tall, lush umbrella tree. The robust green foliage of many indoor plants also complements the blues and...
  2. The 5 best outdoor palms for Sydney gardens

    The 5 best outdoor palms for Sydney gardens
    Palms are very popular plants for Sydney gardens, especially near the coast. The best outdoor palms are admired for their usually quick growth, green fronds and their ability to create a relaxed atmosphere in a garden such as lush and tropical or urban oasis. Although palms are thought of as tall with a single trunk, there are also smaller palms...
  3. Statement plants for small garden spaces

    Statement plants for small garden spaces
    With land sizes and gardens getting smaller and smaller, plants are downsizing as well. While there’s no longer room for large shade trees in many small gardens, there are many plants that you can use to provide impact. These are known as statement plants. They grow well in small spaces or containers and range from striking succulents to small weeping...
  4. Privacy Plants for Balconies

    Privacy Plants for Balconies
    Do you have a balcony you don’t use because it’s overlooked? Perhaps you feel too exposed or uncomfortable to relax on your balcony, and this lack of privacy is why you never venture out! The right plants can transform an under-used and over-exposed balcony, sheltering it from the elements as well as from prying eyes. Plants act as green screens...
  5. Container gardening: our top picks

    Container gardening: our top picks
    With space at a premium, sometimes it simply isn't practical to plant out a garden bed in your garden - or perhaps you want to grow some greenery where there's no soil to plant them to thrive in. Enter container gardening. It's perfect for those with small courtyards or balconies, and fabulous for those who rent. Why container gardening? There are...
  6. How to create a tropical garden

    How to create a tropical garden
    Want to make every day a holiday? Palms are a sure-fire way to recreate your favourite tropical destination, on your doorstep. To help you bring your exotic escape to life, we’ve rounded up a list of four plant-worthy palms, which you can successfully grow in Sydney. Throw in some colourful flowers and foliage and before you know it, you’ll be...

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