1. Basque Natural Stone pavers: installation guide

    Basque Natural Stone pavers: installation guide
    To get the best finish that'll last the distance, we’ve put together a guide for the best method of installing Basque Natural Stone pavers. If you wish to use an alternate method of laying, you should contact Flower Power prior to laying.   For Basque Natural Stone care and maintenance, click here.   Selecting the material for laying The laying...
  2. Basque Natural Stone pavers: care and maintenance

    Basque Natural Stone pavers: care and maintenance
    Rules, tips and advice for keeping your Basque Natural Stone pavers looking great for longer.   For our Basque Natural Stone paver installation guide, click here.   Stone floors – indoor and outdoor Use interior and exterior mats at all entrances to keep dirt and grit off floor. Wash or sweep the floors regularly. Wipe up spills immediately. Never use vinegar...
  3. Drab to fab: 4 ways to flip your outdoor space

    Drab to fab: 4 ways to flip your outdoor space
    We all have a spot that fills us with dread every time we catch a glimpse of it. Let these four ideas inspire you to transform that space from drab to fab!   Pavers Basque Ta’Qali Stone Pavers400mm x 400mm x 30mm Pavers are an easy, long-lasting and low-maintenance solution to a drab space. A stepping stone path is another great option...
  4. Flower Power pavers

    Flower Power pavers
    Did you know we stock a huge range of pavers? At our garden centres you'll find a wide selection of stone pavers exclusive to Flower Power plus pavers from well-known brands like Adbri, Austral and National Masonry. Visit your local Flower Power Garden Centre to view our full range and let us help you pave the way to a refreshed outdoor space. Alternatively...
  5. Paving the Way

    Paving the Way
    There’s nothing like the feeling of doing something yourself, and with our easy how-to guide to paving (and a little bit of elbow grease), you’ll be on the path to DIY paving pride in no time.   First things first. What kind of paver should I choose? If you want a paver that’s low-maintenance, long-lasting and doesn’t stain easily, a...

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