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  1. Pet-safe outdoor plants: Creating a pet-friendly garden

    Pet-safe outdoor plants: Creating a pet-friendly garden
    It’s not only human members of the family that enjoy our gardens. For four-legged family members, the garden is their outdoor territory and their window on the world. For everyone’s ease of mind, the garden needs to meet the needs of our pets and be their safe haven. The good news is, it's not at all difficult to make it...
  2. 16 pet-safe indoor plants

    16 pet-safe indoor plants
    Pets are part of the family, and now more than ever, they're living in the lap of luxury. They're whiling away their time curled up on the couch rather than in a kennel - so, it makes sense that our homes should be a sanctuary for them in every way. Keep your four-legged friends happy, healthy and out of harm’s...

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