1. Spring & summer annuals: Our 5 favourite flowers to plant in spring

    Spring & summer annuals: Our 5 favourite flowers to plant in spring
    Annuals are plants that grow, flower and die within a year. They are popular in gardens for adding colour and seasonal interest. Annuals are planted each year as seeds or seedlings. Seeds are sown one to two seasons before flowering time. Growing from seedling shortens the length of time between planting and flowering, so seedlings for summer flowering can be...
  2. Best flowering plants for balconies

    Best flowering plants for balconies
    Balcony gardens may be bijou, but make no mistake - they can also be a challenge. Getting plant choices correct on a balcony is much like furnishing a small space to make it seem larger than it is. Everything needs to be selected carefully. In the case of a balcony garden, the chosen plants not only need to look good...
  3. Mass planting appeal

    Mass planting appeal
    Mass planting brims with benefits. It can give your garden the wow factor. It can create harmony. It's even a saviour for the time-poor gardener. Plus, thanks to its simplicity, it complements modern home design and small spaces perfectly. What’s not to love?   What is mass planting? Mass planting (or group planting as it’s also known) is when the same plant...
  4. Border and Edging Plants

    Border and Edging Plants
    Plants growing beside paths and steps serve the same role in the garden that cushions do on the living room sofa. They soften hash lines, introduce colour and texture and also offer a welcome to visitors.
  5. Growing Petunias

    Growing Petunias
    Boldly coloured petunias can be used to add highlights to a green garden or enliven an outdoor entertaining area such as a barbecue area or around a swimming pool.

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