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  1. 11 best bathroom plants

    11 best bathroom plants
    The warm, steamy conditions of your bathroom create the ultimate climate for these 11 indoor plants. Permission to turn up the heat and enjoy a hot shower.   1. Bird’s nest fern Asplenium nidus For a bold, lush and vibrant addition to your bathroom, the glossy, sword-shaped fronds of the bird’s-nest fern are just the ticket. The crinkle factor of...
  2. Carnivorous Plants

    Carnivorous Plants
    Before you start a carnivorous garden it’s important to understand how they grow. Carnivorous plants need a growing media with a pH of less than 5 (acidic). This rules out any commercial potting mix or medium that contains fertilisers. Most carnivorous plants are bog plants. The ideal medium is sphagnum moss which can be hard to find. The alternative is...

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