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  1. Short & sweet native shrubs

    Short & sweet native shrubs
    Australian native plants are making their way into a broad range of garden designs today. New cultivars have introduced a broader colour palette and the always interesting foliage and flowers of natives are back in vogue, especially when paired with contrasting plant groups in rambling, cottage garden styles. There are a huge range of compact native shrubs that make for excellent...
  2. Azaleas

    I had always thought of azaleas as small plants until one day I visited an old Sydney garden and found myself walking through a tunnel of shrubs. Wondering what they were, I looked up and discovered azalea flowers above my head. These plants, which were decades old and had never been pruned except to create space to walk, had grown...
  3. Mum Knows Best

    Mum Knows Best
    When it comes to caring for their favourite plants, mum’s not the word for these Flower Power mums. Rachael Butt: Flower Power Senior Graphic Designer and mum of two Favourite plant? Mandevilla ‘Crimson Fantasy’. Why has it won you over? I’m a colour person and Mandevilla ‘Crimson Fantasy’ has a mass of bright red flowers most of the year, which remind...

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