1. Where’s my fruit?

    Where’s my fruit?
    We think flowers are just there to look pretty, but for the plant, they are how they reproduce themselves. If you've got flowers but no fruit on your fruit trees, chances are you're missing a vital piece of the puzzle: pollination.   A bee pollinating a plum blossom. Pollen basics Most flowers contain male and female parts, which are usually...
  2. Low Allergy Gardens

    Low Allergy Gardens
    Pollen can trigger allergies especially hay fever in many people. For these people, spring can be a nightmare as everything bursts into bloom. Some of the worst offending plants for those with allergies may bloom unnoticed. Grasses (including some lawn grasses) and many trees (especially deciduous trees and conifers) have insignificant flowers that produce copious amounts of pollen. This is...

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