1. Fruit tree pollination: what goes with what?

    Fruit tree pollination: what goes with what?
    Looking at buying a fruit tree? It's one of the best moves you'll ever make. Not only will they eventually provide a bountiful harvest for your family, fruit trees also do a great environmental service by providing food and habitat for essential pollinators. In addition, they look stunning! But to make them as productive as possible, you need to know...
  2. Where’s my fruit?

    Where’s my fruit?
    We think flowers are just there to look pretty, but for the plant, they are how they reproduce themselves. If you've got flowers but no fruit on your fruit trees, chances are you're missing a vital piece of the puzzle: pollination.   A bee pollinating a plum blossom. Pollen basics Most flowers contain male and female parts, which are usually...
  3. Why bees are critical for growing your own

    Why bees are critical for growing your own
    The concern for declining bee populations is driving home gardeners to attract pollinating insects including bees, and become backyard beekeepers. But why are bees so critical that they need our special attention? The bottom line is that bees are vital for pollination of flowers on many food plants. Indeed, around 35 percent of global food production is dependent on bees...
  4. 4 simple ways to attract bees

    4 simple ways to attract bees
    What’s the buzz? Why is attracting bees to your garden important? These valuable little visitors pollinate many of your plants. In fact, over 75% of the world’s flowering plants rely on pollinators like bees to reproduce. Without bees, your garden and the world would look very bare. Bees are the world’s best pollinators because they collect pollen from flowers to...

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