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  1. Potted perfection: 9 tips for the perfect outdoor pot cluster

    Potted perfection: 9 tips for the perfect outdoor pot cluster
    Potted plants are a popular and suitable choice in nearly every garden. They're much more portable than in-ground plants, so you can take them with you if ever you move house, plus choosing to grow plants in containers can open you up to a wider variety of plants that may not otherwise work with the soil type in your garden...
  2. Gardening 101: caring for your balcony garden

    Gardening 101: caring for your balcony garden
    If you are new to gardening in containers on a balcony or other confined space, you may not know quite where to begin. Here are the answers to many frequently asked questions about small-space and balcony gardening.   Q. What kind of pots should I be using on my balcony? A. There are many different pots that are suited to...
  3. Indigo cool

    Indigo cool
    Just a hint of this moody hue is all that’s needed to make a big impact. Transform your home into an inviting oasis of calming blue with just a hint of this cool, sophisticated shade. The beauty of this moody hue is you can use it to make a dramatic style statement with just a scattering of our hand-printed Ashtanga...
  4. Botanical luxe

    Botanical luxe
    Natural beauty combined with bursts of rich earthy shades are the hallmarks of the botanical luxe look. Embrace Mother Nature with the cosy, comforting texture of natural, organic fibres like those found in handwoven baskets and luxurious linen cushions. The key to creating a sense of authenticity to the botanical luxe look is artisanal craftsmanship, courtesy of handmade ceramic vases...
  5. Tribal charm

    Tribal charm
    Capture the spirit of an ancient continent with tribal charm. This style takes us to a place where time stands still and nature exists in a raw and beautiful state. The secret to achieving this well-travelled look is to incorporate time-honoured handicrafts, like weaving, and the rich texture of our Delmar cushion and Bryson wall hanging doesn’t disappoint. When it...
  6. Coast to coast

    Coast to coast
    Whether you're lucky enough to live by the coast, or just love to escape there in your daydreams, it’s easy to make the interior decorating sea change. Recreate that clean, breezy beach vibe in your home with a combination of whitewashed textures, plenty of light neutral shades, splashes of super soft blues and just a hint of azure. To complete...
  7. Choosing plants for pots

    Choosing plants for pots
    Growing plants in pots not only creates growing space when there’s no soil available, it also means your plants are portable. You can take them with you when you move home or move them from one part of the garden to another. Restricting plants to a life in a container can also keep them garden friendly. Invasive plants such as...
  8. Picking the Perfect Pot

    Picking the Perfect Pot
    With so many colours, shapes, sizes and styles, it's tempting just to buy the pot you like the look of best - but take a few minutes to consider some of the points in this guide. You'll end up with pots that suit your needs, your space and your plants!   Shape Tall pots look fantastic but do require extra...
  9. Growing vegetables in small spaces

    Growing vegetables in small spaces
    With a little bit of ingenuity even the smallest garden, balcony or courtyard can be turned into a productive vegie garden.

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