1. Caring for salvia

    Caring for salvia
    With its heat and drought tolerance and ease of growing, salvia is a plant family riding a wave of popularity in gardens. Salvias are small, shrubby perennials that range in height from around 30cm high up to more than 2-3m, but most grow to a manageable 1m high and wide. They suffer few pests or diseases and are easy to...
  2. Our must-grow Elite Herbs for home chefs

    Our must-grow Elite Herbs for home chefs
    With the rise and rise of television cooking shows, plus the societal movement toward a greener, more sustainable world, there's never been a trendier time to ditch the takeaway and become a home chef. But how can you ensure you're cooking with the freshest produce? The best way is to grow your own, and the simplest way to start is...
  3. Beyond basil – how to grow & use fresh herbs

    Beyond basil – how to grow & use fresh herbs
    Growing your own herbs is a good way to get started with productive plants and provides flavour at your fingertips for the kitchen. Herbs are easy to grow in a sunny, well-drained bed or container and can be used in many ways in the kitchen. Herbs are readily available for planting as seeds, seedlings or small pots. Herbs are grown...
  4. Sage and Lemon Stuffing

    Sage and Lemon Stuffing
    Make this scrumptious Sage and Lemon Stuffing with just-picked Cucina Pronto herbs.

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