1. How to create healthy soil all year long

    How to create healthy soil all year long
    Creating perfect garden soil isn’t something you do once and it's perfect forever! Maintaining healthy soil is an ongoing job, but one that's well worth it. Here’s some advice on how to create healthy soil and keep it that way over time. It is all about keeping the soil topped up with organic matter and avoiding compaction.   Rich, healthy...
  2. 7 steps to veggie garden soil prep

    7 steps to veggie garden soil prep
    Any experienced gardener will tell you that it’s all about the soil. But what does that mean? Soil provides air, moisture, nutrients and anchorage for our plants, all of which are needed to make them flourish. The better the soil is adapted to plant roots, the better the growth. Not many soils are ideal for growing productive plants without a...
  3. The one-step test for soil type

    The one-step test for soil type
    Not all soils are made equal. Your soil type depends on the parent rock from which it’s formed, on the influence of climate over hundreds of years and on what your house builder or previous owners have done to it. Knowing your soil type means you’re better placed to pick plants that will feel right at home or improve the...
  4. Clay soil

    Clay soil
    Clay soil is made up mainly of clay particles. On the positive side, clay soils are rich in nutrients. On the other hand, they can be difficult to dig and poorly drained, becoming waterlogged when wet and then cracking as they dry out during extended dry periods. If you are unsure about whether your soil is clay or not, there...
  5. Preparing soil for autumn planting

    Preparing soil for autumn planting
    The secret to thriving plants in spring is healthy soil - and autumn is the perfect time to give it some TLC.  Like a chef blends ingredients to create a delicious balance of flavours, soil prep is all about getting the right mix of nutrients to create great growing conditions for plants. Based on a one square metre area, the below is a...
  6. Autumn is planting season

    Autumn is planting season
    The secret to a gorgeous spring garden isn’t a planting frenzy in early spring, but right now!

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