Special Pink Ice

  1. Pick of the proteas

    Pick of the proteas
    Proteas have existed for over 300 million years, making them one of the oldest groups of flowering plants in the world. Despite their ancient roots, they look beautifully modern in any garden. They’re also low care, make great cut flowers, are bird attracting and share the same care needs as our own Aussie natives. Discover the most popular protea varieties...
  2. Protea Special Pink Ice

    Protea Special Pink Ice
    The hardiest of all Proteas. Well suited to low maintenance, low water use gardens. Spectacular flowers fresh or dried. Suitable for coastal and heavy soil gardens, drought tolerant. Great for bird attracting, cut flower arranging and hedging. Grows to 2.5m high x 2m wide. Protea Care Plant in well-drained soil. Water well to establish and refer to label for your plant’s specific requirements...

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