1. Growing bulbs in pots

    Growing bulbs in pots
    Autumn means bulb planting! This season, why not plant your bulbs in a pot? That way, once blooming, the pot can be brought inside for short stints, providing an indoor flower display unlike any other!     How to pot up bulbs step-by-step Choose your pot Keep in mind your goal is to bring your pot of bulbs indoors for...
  2. September

    Spring has arrived! It's a busy month in the garden but one of the best. Celebrate by getting your hands dirty!
  3. October

    Longer days are signalling that spring is in full swing, and we'd headed into the sunshine-soaked months of spring and summertime fun.
  4. November

    November is ideal to freshen up your outdoors ready for summer entertaining in the garden. Add bursts of colour with flowering plants, or spruce up your outdoor furniture setting with new cushions and lanterns in cheerful summer colours.
  5. Spring pests

    Spring pests
    Imagine your garden as a giant smorgasbord. That’s how garden pests view it and, guess what, they are planning to come to your place for dinner to feast on new spring growth!
  6. Spring Blossom Trees

    Spring Blossom Trees
    One of the best ways to experience the seasonal transition from winter to spring is to include a blossom tree in your garden.
  7. Autumn is planting season

    Autumn is planting season
    The secret to a gorgeous spring garden isn’t a planting frenzy in early spring, but right now!
  8. Spring lawn care

    Spring lawn care
    A day or two spent on your lawns now will make for lush green lawns that are a pleasure in the coming spring and summer days.

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