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  1. Growing blueberries in Sydney

    Growing blueberries in Sydney
    Delicious and versatile - they're just two of the reasons why blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum and Hybrids) are among the most popular fruits to grow in home gardens. You can grow them in an orchard, veggie bed or garden bed - dwarf varieties will even grow happily in a large container. Blueberries grow across cool, temperate and subtropical climates, which means...
  2. Our top 10 vegetables to plant in spring!

    Our top 10 vegetables to plant in spring!
    If you’ve found yourself standing in front of your veggie garden in the warm spring sunlight desperate to plant something edible, but not sure what, this post is for you. Here are my favourite vegetables to plant in spring – these are the ones I grow every year and enjoy eating. If you start with seedlings, you could be harvesting...
  3. Xeriscaping

    If you're a keen gardener but lack time, want to save money (or you’re just plain forgetful) you'll love xeriscaping. We're so confident you'll love it, we've even created a beautiful xeriscaping garden plan to inspire you.   What is xeriscaping? The term xeriscaping was coined by Denver Water, Colorado’s water utility, in 1981. Combining the words "landscape" and "xeros" (Greek for dry...

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