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  1. 10 reasons to love tomatoes!

    10 reasons to love tomatoes!
    Tomatoes are often the first vegetable a new vegie grower plants in their garden. Here are 10 reasons why! The lure of the flavour of a home-grown, sun-ripened tomato. The tomatoes we buy in the shops are often picked partially ripe and then ripened while going through the supply chain. As a result, they lack that wonderful, fresh taste of...
  2. Top 10 edibles to grow on your balcony

    Top 10 edibles to grow on your balcony
    Living in an apartment or small home without space for a garden doesn’t mean growing your own food isn’t possible. Most plants, including edibles, can grow happily in a pot on a balcony or in a courtyard. Pots can be placed on hard surfaces or suspended from railings or walls. If there’s a little more space, grow a few vegetables...
  3. Heartbreaker Tomato

    Heartbreaker Tomato
    What's not to love about juicy tomatoes shaped like hearts! The Heartbreaker tomato plant, nick-named “love-apple”, produces delicious cocktail tomatoes with a bright red colour and heart-shaped tip. The skin is soft and the juicy fruit balances sweet and sour perfectly making them a delicious choice for soups and salads or on their own as a healthy snack. Growing tips You can...
  4. Growing tomatoes in Sydney

    Growing tomatoes in Sydney
    We can’t think of a more rewarding fruit or vegie to grow than tomatoes. They can take up a relatively small space, growing happily in a pot, and produce plump, juicy fruit for months on end.

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