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  1. Plant Profile: Alocasia

    Plant Profile: Alocasia
    Alocasia is a family of foliage plants with huge appeal for both indoor and outdoor gardeners. These leafy plants wow gardeners with their large, often velvety leaves. Some are easy to find and grow while others are collector’s plants. They are plants to use for impact and drama as they form a dramatic, leafy clump. The plants have the common...
  2. Tropical indoor plants: How to grow tropical plants indoors and keep them lush

    Tropical indoor plants: How to grow tropical plants indoors and keep them lush
    Many of those indoor plants that are so popular at the moment hail from tropical and subtropical climates. Their care needs reflect these origins. Want to know how to grow tropical plants indoors? Here's how you can help them flourish.   Popular tropical indoor plants Some of the plants with a tropical pedigree that may be living in your house...
  3. How to create a tropical resort-style garden at home

    How to create a tropical resort-style garden at home
    For those missing the annual de-stress of a holiday at a tropical resort, there’s a simple solution... and it’s closer to home than you may think. With a few props, clever plant choices and a spade, you can give your own backyard a resort feel – all for less than the airfare. Here's how.   Essential elements Think about the...
  4. Dracaena

    Dracaena is a lush, tall, leafy plant that creates a tropical look indoors, on a balcony or in the garden. There are many species and cultivars that give a range of leaf colours and patterns. Some also have fragrant flowers. Dracaena varieties The most impressive dracaena variety is the dragon tree (Dracaena draco) (pictured above). This large, spreading, multi-branched tree...
  5. How to create a tropical garden

    How to create a tropical garden
    Want to make every day a holiday? Palms are a sure-fire way to recreate your favourite tropical destination, on your doorstep. To help you bring your exotic escape to life, we’ve rounded up a list of four plant-worthy palms, which you can successfully grow in Sydney. Throw in some colourful flowers and foliage and before you know it, you’ll be...
  6. Bougainvillea

    Botanical name: Bougainvillea Common names: Bougainvillea A little bit about Bougainvillea Bougainvillea are scrambling shrubs that can become vigorous climbers. They're known for their intensely coloured flowers, which are actually a modified coloured leaf called a bract. A ring of bracts surrounds the tiny white tubular flowers clustering in the centre. While originally from South America you will come across Bougainvillea in Southern Europe (hello...
  7. Plants that give your garden a summer feel

    Plants that give your garden a summer feel
    Being on holidays during summer is more than just having time off. It’s about soaking up the laid back atmosphere of summer: spending time sitting under a shady tree, lounging beside a pool, chilling at a holiday house or zoning out at a lush resort. The plants that surround you become part of the summer holiday and can be the...

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