Wonga Wonga Vine

  1. The best native climbing plants for Sydney gardens

    The best native climbing plants for Sydney gardens
    Natives are highly popular in gardens, but there is one group that’s often overlooked – native climbing plants. Most cover vertical surfaces such as walls, fences and pergolas, but many also grow as trailing and groundcover plants. Benefits of native climbing plants for gardens include that they are evergreen, fast-growing, attractive to pollinators especially when they are in flower, and...
  2. Pandorea

    Botanical name: Pandorea jasminoides var and Pandorana var Common names: Wonga Wonga Vine or Bower Vine A little bit about Pandorea Pandorea is an evergreen native climber with tubular or funnel-shaped flowers. Foliage is either dark green and glossy or bright green and growth is vigorous.  Flowering will occur mainly through spring and summer but will spot flower throughout the year. Jasminoides var can produce...

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